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This web site is designed as a cooperative advertising and recruitment vehicle for nonprofit organizations and networks who as a group, can attract a greater diversity of candidates more cost-effectively than if each member advertised alone. In addition to providing members with a more cost-effective method of advertising jobs, THERE ARE SIX (6) OTHER MEMBER BENEFITS:

  1. Discounted job postings: Non-members pay $125 for each 60-day job posting. Members pay one flat annual fee which covers unlimited postings for the Member's entire national, regional, state, and/or international affiliate network.

  2. Control over Edit & Deletion of Member Job Postings: Unlike non-members whose job postings are limited to 60 days of exposure, Members can Edit or Delete the jobs they have posted, allowing total flexibility based on the length of a particular search.

  3. Hotlink to Member Homepage: Each Member organization is marketed on our homepage through a Member listing, mission statement, and direct hotlink to your home web site so that visitors to www.nonprofitjobs.org can visit your home page and learn more about the work of your nonprofit.

  4. Access to Candidate Database: Members have unlimited access to a confidential database of prospective talent whose resumes can be accessed to achieve greater depth and diversity of candidate pools.

  5. Adds Value to Your Member Benefit Package: Your membership at NonProfitJobs adds significant value to the benefit package you provide your members, affiliates and/or local offices. As our member, you have the option to allow affiliates and local offices to post their own jobs under your Membership account.

  6. Cooperative Marketing to Target Constituencies: Based on Membership constituencies, job opportunities at www.nonprofitjobs.org will be proactively networked with target audiences both on and off the internet.

The annual membership fee is $1,000 per year.

E-Mail us at info@nonprofitjobs.org or call (702) 809-8599 and register now or speak with one of our staff members.

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Any visitor can search job opportunities by clicking on the above link. View all job postings by date, or limit your search by geography or another variable. Enter only one or two variables. The more variables entered, the fewer the jobs you will access.

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Any nonprofit organization who posts a job with NonprofitJobs is granted access to the confidential Candidate Pro-file Database to search and scan prospective talent. The candidate pro-file base can be searched by job title, position type, preferred work location, minimum salary, and by keyword.

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Any employer or organization can post a job with NonprofitJobs. If you are a registered member, click here on Member Functions now. If you are not a member, click Post a Job link and complete the template. Your job will be placed online, and you will receive an invoice confirmation by e-mail for $125 or less if you have posted more than one job. Each job is posted for 60 days.

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